Thursday, August 7, 2014

Something Monumental Occurred In The Sawdust Cathedral This Week

Earnest Efforts 1953 Boice Crane Bandsaw
Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

This week we said so long to an old friend and welcomed a new one.  It may seem foolish to talk about a piece of equipment as a friend; anthropomorphizing an inanimate object.  However, this inanimate object, for which we have great affection, was built in 1953 from someone's sketched dreams into metal, and became an extension of Earnie; to cut his wood dreams over the last four decades.  My theory as to why our hearts felt a little heavy when the Boice Crane was unplugged and moved over for a new friend; tools are an extension of our hands and our hands are connected to our hearts, our dreams, and our creations. 

An old friend unplugged & moved
So, we said goodbye to one (no worries - the Boice Crane will remain a permanent part of our the Sawdust Cathedral) and welcomed another.

Oregon Tool is our local tool supply
Our new Shop Fox Bandsaw

No words; a smile says it all...
Old Boice Crane Upper Wheel
New Shop Fox Shiny Upper Wheel
Old blade & guide
New blade & shiny red guide 

Beautiful old directions

Fence rail with tape measure

Lower Wheel - also shiny

New 'Concepts' bulging from Earnie's brain

Someone else got a "new" bandsaw this week.  Earnie found a used Sears bandsaw for me a couple of weeks ago.  We have been waiting for a part to arrive in the post and yesterday I cut my first hair barrettes on it.  WOW!!!  It cuts like a dream.  I must say, as much as I loved the Boice Crane, I now realize it was one very scary piece of equipment - loud and jolting, lurching, jerky...  I didn't realize that cutting on a bandsaw could be a calming, meditative experience.  Ha!

Ellie & her Sears bandsaw
Small blade & guide

Myrtle says, "Don't put your head in there!" 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer is Delicious in Olalla

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Large moth I found at the Tenmile Post Office
I've been wanting to share these pics of the this moth for ages.  I had a small epiphany the other day while working on this post in my head.  We have moths that live in the Sawdust Cathedral (among other startling creatures) and I want to honor their presence in our lives by sharing them with you here.  So, be prepared to see a regular parade of moth images here.  They are quite spectacular!

Gourd flower in our garden

They smell like cucumber

Cut and glued drawers with spirit shakers in the background

California Redwood box in the making

Preparing to glue box lids

Ellie's barrettes in various stages

Oregon-myrtlewood slab with roots


Miscellaneous brown moth (not especially pretty)

A very good deal on new old sanding equipment.  Hurrah!

Dead but still beautiful

Our hens love heights & giant zucchini

Bear's Breeches acanthus

Earnie & Baby Pearl

Baby Pete LOVES the hens

Earnie & our dear friend Jen celebrating a weekend of her beloved Timmy gone one year now...

Baby skunk cruising for yellow jacket nests

Earnie's garden

Myrtle in the Coquille River (she really doesn't like to get wet)

I think these pics do a fine job of portraying our last month of life as Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Jo Efforts.  There are moments when we stop and inhale, taste or feel the breath of our amazing lives together.  It is delicious and momentous and we are filled with gratitude.  Thank you kindly for visiting us here, in this place and we wish for you the same delicious life.

Take care, be good & kind, and do your darndest to laugh (I've been misquoting Earnie all these years),
Ellie Efforts

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Slacker's Apology & A Music Video

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Image of a Slacker

First things first - I must apologize straight off for being such a slacker here on our blog.  Time has been spiraling away from me and I found that it has been nearly a year since I last posted.  So, my mid-year resolution is to update our blog at least once a month.  Let's start there and see if we can do better over the next 5.5 months. 

Next - have you ever wondered what our spirit shakers sound like?  We recently had a customer ask us for a preview of the sound of our spirit shakers and we thought why not create our very own music video.  Earnie has loved Goose Creek Symphony since he was a young man and turned me onto them 16 years ago when we fell in love.  When we started thinking through this project, we immediately thought of GCS.  The best part is that they have a fabulous song called WORDS OF EARNEST (I kid you not, and if you know Earnie personally, you will find this most appropriate) and they were kind enough to let us use the song for the background.  So here it is - our Earnest Efforts Spirit Shaker music video...
We hope you enjoy it and don't laugh too much.


Lastly, we recently bought a rebuilt computer.  Hurrah!  We are thrilled, but our last computer & the program we had purchased for designing our website was so old that not all of our web info transferred to our new computer.  Grrr!  Solution?  After much thought we've decided to start transferring our web data to our blog and see how the traffic flows.  We would love to hear what you think, and any suggestions are welcome.  If you would like to see what's new in our shop as we add new treasures your best bet is to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  More soon...

Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Get Giddy About Wood Treasures, Flowers & Hummingbirds

I just have to show off the treasures I scored from Wooly Moss Roots' booth at the Eugene Saturday Market this weekend.  I LOVE their booth and all the wood, wool and natural body care treasures they create.  But even more importantly, I feel just so happy after visiting with Taryn, Jeff and Bracken.  They are a joy to be around.  Now, I know not all of you can just pop by their booth at market, but you can visit their two fabulous shops on Etsy at Wooly Moss Roots for their buttons, woolies and natural body care or Mystic Orb for their super-fantastic wood jewelry.

Buckthorn Buttons

Variety of Wood Buttons

Sassafras Earrings
Earnie took a break from the sawdust cathedral and headed into the garden and around the house to share a little taste of summer in Olalla Valley.

and last but not least... we've been having amazing hummingbird battles over the three feeders we put up this year.  Our Nannie,

Hummingbird Earrings by Blessed Bead By Nome May

who is now 94 years old and I get to visit nearly every Friday in Eugene, has always LOVED hummingbirds.  (I gave Nannie these precious amethyst hummingbird earrings made by my dear friend Nome May of Blessed Bead - also a gorgeous booth to visit at the Eugene Saturday Market or in the cyber world on Etys at Blessed Bead by Nome May). 

When I visit Nannie I always try to bring her pics from our yard of the flowers, chickens or the hummingbirds.  We've had wonderful stories to share with her of the up to 7, yes seven, hummers battling over one feeder.  These are a few pics that we've shared with her this summer. 

Thanks so much for visiting and we wish you all a lovely ending to your summer.
With Love,
Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Jo Efforts